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China,The origin of the lapel pins

lapel pins is the perry carrt around use to indicate status,occupation sign.It has a long history.the earliest origins can be traced back to primitive society,tribal totem sign.The badge really documented were originated in china.this is the earliest written recoders example in China,There is essentially different from the present sense of lapel actually refers to the banner.lapel pins is only the markings on the banners.


Later i went to the Song Dynasty,According to historical records,Emperor Taizong of Song peaceful and rejuvenating the country for three years (AD 978),Li Fei Xiong stolen horses,Jactitation Messenger,Conspiracy to revolt by the court to see though at chop,To prevent a recurrence was fake messenger,The court provides to each engraved with a special envoy made a silver mark,Audience or the execution of public Ruchao be worn on the body,As a logo,become a way of strengthening the means of Palace of government transaction management.To the Jin Dynasty,Jurchen,dispatching envoys to go out,Let those who wear expensive gold,Call for "Gold Musical",Let Those who wear silive subcall for "Silver Musical" .Besides,In ancient China,The more well-known Fifteen Strings of Coins,the fish symbol, Yaopai badge is now the embryonic form of fliersAlready have badges now In particular, the characteristics of certificate class lapel pins





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