Development of shanghai lapel pins


Shanghai really a lot of large and small, lapel pin factory, and they also started from the production of metal lapel pins .he so-called metal lapel pins includes a variety of lapel pins, medals, and coin and so on. Saying this custom lapel pins production is the Late Qing Dynasty from the West into China.
In July 1950, after the Association of reconstruction, lapel pins factory develop to 135, and in more than other cities. The early 50s, the industry has to undertake the liberation of the Northeast, the arrival of victory and the Korean War medal, People¡¯s Liberation Army, ¡°August 1¡å lapel pins, as well as advanced, model workers, and many other tasks medal. High tide of socialist transformation in 1956, the Shanghai center lapel pins industry plant located 17, 1959 Joint lapel pins factory in Shanghai exclusive lapel pins of professional plant production, plant in technical innovation, the development of the aluminum oxide filled paint process to succeed, Lapel pins substantial increase in output, costs. .
¡°Cultural Revolution¡± period, the Shanghai United lapel pins factory to produce mainly of Chairman Mao lapel pins. Be stopped production in 1970.
August 1972, re-renamed and resume production. 1977, lapel pins be need more with the national development of sports and tourism, various mass organizations and professional groups
But in the 80¡äs, a significant decline in domestic metal lapel pins Xuqiu order to adapt to market changes, Shanghai lapel pins factory has imported advanced tooling, stamping equipment and surface treatment for the lapel pins of high saturation, high transparent resin infusion of new technology PV to improve the product grade lapel pinss. One from the factory with new equipment, new technology made of metal medal, medals preferred, was designated as one of the National Medal of production.
Until today, making Shanghai lapel pins factory is still a major manufacturer of high quality lapel pins one, and led the development and progress of the entire industry


The president off the ground with a lapel pins with parmesan


The president of obama made the greatest power in washington women summit in front of the speech, president of the sudden drop, but with parmesan humor to respond.
"It was by the education, in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, we can not tolerate" said. "if that : obama my (lapel pins£©, my days. that's all right, you all know who i am. but i'm sure the person, and now is whether you agree? they are in the back seat to set up the imagination."


Welcoming the national free of charge lapel pins


China's national day during the long vacation, madrid, spain. the case will be organised for seven days in the "national day celebrations, the". the hall, adorned with madrid, will the chinese national "elements" and for a special gift.
Madrid the special case for a souvenir badge to madrid 1949 - hall. visitors only in october 1 to 7 days with the chinese flag of the madrid and will be the case with the national flag at you for a national day and go out of china's "national flag on the wall" can get to madrid, the insignia of one, finished.
To china for the main color of the red flag wall will be set up in the air, the tree "the wall with a chinese map and map clearly marked with a provincial. from our various areas throughout the tourists can be of little flag in his home position on this express their deep wishes.
In the golden week during the visit of the library, if the name of "national" or birthday to october 1, can i get to madrid on the spot on your identification card for goody bags at the memorial hall, including madrid of two and a badge of china's national flag, etc.


History of the most dangerous keychains


If you happened to see some of the gun type keychains, just think this is only a small a toy gun keychains, you will be much mistaken.Perhaps this is a swiss gunsmith company of some of the world's smallest a revolver, swissminigun, It's not exceeding 5.5 centimetres in length, with special is the bullet, this 2.34 mm gun so small, look the bullet will know how small.All the parts is in accordance with the classic "colt enormous python" type to scale down the pistol.Also equipped with special, the key to the apparently a fine of the mini keychains. who can think of a revolver genuine goods at a fair price


Why using cutouts of lapel pins


Cutouts create a beautiful effect for a lapel pin.Although the cost is a little higher when designing a pin with a cutout, the over all gain for the design maybe worth it.There are pins that have multiple cutouts to create desired effects.

When designing your custom lapel pins,have fun and remember cutouts as a possible option.When most custom lapel pins are created, they are usually a solid metal piece.That does not always have to be the case.

Look at the image to see what some people have done with cutouts.As you can see,some of these pins are just unbelievable,due to the use of cutouts on the custom lapel pin.


How to choice process for Epoxy


Epoxy is the role of the metal surface of the products of combustion and beautiful.Let¡¯s talk about the different styles of lapel pins.The epoxy coating is an option but is not always needed.

The printed-pins must have an epoxy coating.Cloisonne pins and Imitation Enamel pins are not recommended to have an epoxy coating,Soft enamel pins is usually where the question begins.

Oftentimes when lapel pins are going to be worn and exposed to being damaged (such as on a uniform), epoxy is a good idea.One has to remember, epoxy s used as a protective covering.Remember that some details will be lost when the epoxy coating is placed on the lapel pin, because of reflections and depth perceptions.


Cloisonné/ Hard Enamel


Process: Copper stamped with cloisonné / hard enamel
Material: Copper
Enamel: Cloisonné / Hard Enamel
Thickness: Thickness is various depending on the size of design.
Plating: Gold / Antique gold / Silver / Antique Silver / Nickel / Black Nickel / Antique Nickel / Copper / Antique Copper / Brass / Antique Brass
Epoxy coating: Without
Attachment: Various
Color reference: AOKI Chart

STEP 1 Molding
Today this process has been developed by molding the copper surface to form the ’cloisons’.

STEP 2 Outline Cutting
Cutting molds are made separately, then cut to the exact outline of the design. Outline cutting molds may be required depending on the complexity of the design. If a center hole or cut-out is required, an additional cut-through mold must be used.

STEP 3 Coloring
Enamel is composed of glass-like material combined with metal oxides and clay into fine powder. Cloisonné powder cannot be mixed like paints or soft enamel, as each color returns to its own shade after heating.

STEP 4 Firing
Colors are fired one at a time at 1,600F for two to four minutes to stabilize the enamel and prevent color bleeding.

STEP 5 Stoning & Polishing
Each piece is fully cooled. Finishing is by rubbing the surface with a carborundum stone until all excess color has been worn away. Surface then polished until smooth and shining.

STEP 6 Attachment
Attachment is soldered onto the back of each piece.

STEP 7 Plating
Plating now can be processed. The quality of plating varies with the length of time the metal is soaked in the plating liquid. Click on the link to see the different plating colors available for this process.

STEP 8 Inspection & Packing
All items are strictly inspected before delivery. Customer’s satisfaction is guaranteed!


Company badge on the design and features


If a man of comparison, the business equivalent to one features, it is a highly abstract summary graphic symbols to show the image. is a "symbol of economic affordable.

  • It has several characteristics.
    Symbols beautiful. it is well known, and badges were a symbol designed art. its color, shape, as a texture of an enterprise culture. and art, can be said that it can become the core of the visual recognition.
  • Beauty. the graphic logo features of a class character. through these feature the artistic exaggeration in strengthening, by an individual beauty.
  • Sets beauty. every emblem design is compact and graphical simple. it is often used for the file, advertising, literature, the decorative beauty. not only simple! sets
  • Simply beautiful. the badges must be pure, simple and pure. the force. all except indispensable graphic, text is available, it is not a firm no, you can use every line is in line. a high degree of simplicity highly beauty, it is sought. of course, this is the difficulty lies in lies.
  • Can show the company policy and has more features of the design is the best!



Offset Printing


Process: Offset print
Material: Brass / Stainless Steel / Aluminum
Thickness: 0.8mm (can be increased according to customer’s requirement)
Plating: None
Epoxy coating: With
Attachment: Various
Color reference: C.M.Y.K.

STEP 1 Making the Negative
Artwork, films or files from the customer are used to produce films for each color (C.M.Y.K.).

STEP 2 Making the Printing Plate
Based on the films, one printing plate for each color (C.M.Y.K.) is produced for the design.

STEP 3 Printing
One color at a time is printed with corresponding design. Dried in oven before printing another color.

STEP 4 Cutting
Metal board is cut in rows. Individual designs cut in custom outline.

STEP 5 Attachment
Attachment is glued on to the back of each piece.

STEP 6 Epoxy Coating
Clear epoxy is applied to the surface to protect the enamel from color fading and cracking. We strongly recommend that printed articles be ordered with epoxy protection, in order to improve the lifetime and quality of the article.

STEP 7 Inspection & Packing
All items are strictly inspected before delivery. Customer's satisfaction is guaranteed!



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