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The Qing Dynasty, increasing international exchanges and abroad, many countries in order to contact and friendly relations with important guests, such as foreign diplomats, examining officials, traveling dignitaries, are often donated to national Medal.ĄŁ However, the Qing government was donated by the traditional gift jacket, flower-Ling, Ding Dai and other things very affordable with international practice. As a result, the Qing government prime minister the affairs of States Yamen, was seventeen years Guangxu (1891) December 29, memorial of the Medal to the court statute, it is recommended to set "Ssangyong Po Star" medal. The memorials and medals constitution, Medals logo to be approved soon gave birth to the history of China's first medal.



"Shuanglong Bao Star" medal for the star shape, pattern along the lines of the Qing dynasty the national flag, marked by the Dragon. Medal is divided into five classes ll level, Ssangyong bosung as to gold and silver jewelry making, the value of money. Different levels of Po-star, mainly for its color and the decorative jewelry phase difference. As with other first-class gold, the Law of the Green Dragon, from Jinlin, big pearl inlay on a regiment Long built a small pearl, along the border with a small pearl inlaid week, gold Astral; first-class second-class gold in French Green Dragon, from Jin Lin, the embedded smooth red coral, red coral embedded in smooth, outside a small pearl inlay week, gold asterism.In addition to first-class section in the secondary, the other grades with the issuance of licenses that Shihai credentials.The first, second issued by the Prime Minister Yamen manufacturing, three, four, five, etc. where they petitioned awarded where the photo-style tour that is manufactured by the issuance of licenses by the Prime Minister Yamen stamped off anti-unification.





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