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Collection lapel pins you need to understand the origin, classification and lapel production process

Lapel pins as a souvenir, in addition to collection, there are artistic or research purposes, many people have a soft spot. Collection lapel pins
not only to understand the origin of lapel pins, but also know the lapel pins relevant knowledge.
Present lapel pins can be broadly divided into:
1. Agency lapel pins: Including the national emblem, lapel pins, emblem, emblem of various groups, city emblem, badge, factory (company) logo, etc.;
2. Uniform lapel pins: Including the shoulder's emblem, cap emblem, lapel pins, tie clips, cuff insignia, etc.;
3. Memorial lapel pins: Including honorary lapel, medals, tourism lapel pins, commemorative lapel pins and so on.;

To truly become a lapel pins collector requires three basic elements.

1.Should be familiar with history. This is the most crucial factor in a long history of lapel pins.are not only familiar with the history, the price of the historic is the your first choice.
2.Lapel pins must be seen through the perspective of development, that is able to predict which era will be worth double in the next chapter. For example, the KMT-CPC cooperation period, lapel pins, genuine and less, but is an indispensable part of the Communist Party of the development of the future will certainly appreciate.
3.To be discerning. This is no doubt that any collectors have to be refining eye on a pair of eyes fire.

The types of collectors and history of the lapel pins have a preliminary understanding, relatively easy to determine the scope and collection of lapelpins
collection objects. Compared with other collections, lapel pins are a good material, easy preservation characteristics, has a special cultural connotation, and gradually by the people's love, and from the "Favorites" to "circulation."



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