Welcoming the national free of charge lapel pins


China's national day during the long vacation, madrid, spain. the case will be organised for seven days in the "national day celebrations, the". the hall, adorned with madrid, will the chinese national "elements" and for a special gift.
Madrid the special case for a souvenir badge to madrid 1949 - hall. visitors only in october 1 to 7 days with the chinese flag of the madrid and will be the case with the national flag at you for a national day and go out of china's "national flag on the wall" can get to madrid, the insignia of one, finished.
To china for the main color of the red flag wall "" will be set up in the air, the tree "the wall with a chinese map and map clearly marked with a provincial. from our various areas throughout the tourists can be of little flag in his home position on this express their deep wishes.
In the golden week during the visit of the library, if the name of "national" or birthday to october 1, can i get to madrid on the spot on your identification card for goody bags at the memorial hall, including madrid of two and a badge of china's national flag, etc.



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