Spin Casting


Process: Copper stamped with imitation cloisonné / synthetic enamel
Material: Copper
Enamel: Imitation Cloisonné / Synthetic Enamel
Thickness: Thickness is various depending on the size of design.
Plating: Gold / Antique Gold / Silver / Antique Silver / Nickel / Black Nickel / Antique Nickel / Copper / Antique Copper / Brass / Antique Brass
Epoxy coating: Without
Attachment: Various
Color reference: Pantone Color Chart

STEP 1 Stamping Molding
Molds the metal surface to form the design.

STEP 2 Outline Cutting
Cutting molds are made separately, then cut to the exact outline of the design. Outline cutting molds may be required depending on the complexity of the design. If a center hole or cut-out is required, an additional cut-through mold must be used.

STEP 3 Coloring
Synthetic enamel is carefully hand-filled, one color at a time, using different sized syringes. Drying. To prevent defects, a high degree of skill is required in order to keep each color and the correct amount of enamel in the proper area.

STEP 4 Baking
The metal piece is baked at approximately 450F for 12 to15 minutes.

STEP 5 Stoning & Polishing
Wait until every piece has cooled. Finish the surface by stoning with a carborundum stone until all excess color has been worn away. Polish the surface until smooth and shining.

STEP 6 Attachment
Solder attachment onto the back of each piece.

STEP 7 Plating
Plating now can be processed. The quality of plating varies with the length of time the metal is soaked in the plating liquid.

STEP 8 Inspection & Packing
All items are strictly inspected before delivery. Customer’s satisfaction is guaranteed!



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