Identification lapel pins: real goods, enamel paint colors are bright


In recent years, collections throughout the market, counterfeit lapel pins showing getting worse, especially the use of advanced technology imitation rare badge, but also to fish makes it difficult to distinguish true and false. Counterfeit badges, including imitation (that is modeled on real goods Zhang mold manufacturing fake chapter), and concoct products (referring to something out of nothing, imagined fake fake chapter) two categories, in which imitation is more prevalent. The authenticity of identification badges, you can learn from Chinese medicine, "look, smell, and asked, cut" four kinds of methods "diagnosis."

"Look" or to observe the surface of the natural packet badge pulp, enamel coating, paint effects, plating gloss, background images, text features and so on. Authenticity emblem is enamel colors, paint bright, have excellent adhesion and high temperature, corrosion-resistant characteristics. Counterfeit badge is paint coating system, the natural drying curing, paint a stack trace, color, gloss differential is far too bright,
easy to shelling from long film layer. Badge surface plating layer of depth, light and shade, thickness is an important basis for identifying the authenticity.

"Smell" and that the knowledge, CMP, or from books and the media access to the knowledge or advice to the expert collector identification, or a comparison with the same insignia and so forth. Has published books, badges Appreciation "China's badge," "badge and Collection" and dozens of. In recent years, there was also a "badge net", "Collection of Mao Zedong badge net" in dozens of specialized sites, collectors can learn about the relevant knowledge and market, improving the screening capacity will be helpful.

"Q" refers to understand the ins and outs badge, historical background, design modeling, aesthetic principles, process methods, production processes. Every one badge, especially in the production of early badge issued, are to a certain historical events as the basis. Apart from a few hand-made badge, the badge of the flow mechanism is roughly: Design drawings - Open Mold - Revised mold - selected billets - Chapter stamping blanks - Plating - enamel (or paint) - the pin - package. Although the badge species vary, but the process is similar methods.

"Cut" refers to material from the badge, identification of density. Badge making process is the most important chapter stamping blanks. Greater tonnage of stamping machine, the badge system, the higher the density, but also to maintain a relatively high positive and negative badges smoothness and finish. Most of the early badge is made of copper, due to the low hardness, plastic deformation stronger, using steel die stamping by gravity, badges are on the back of convex-concave indentation is particularly evident, especially clear inscriptions. Some counterfeit badges,use of advanced silicone molding technology, the forthcoming chapter authentic copy embossed in silicone on the Fan mode, after chemical treatment, the silicone hard as steel, into a mold. Silicon die forged badges, although very similar appearance,
but its texture is different in essence with the real thing.



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