Development of shanghai lapel pins


Shanghai really a lot of large and small, lapel pin factory, and they also started from the production of metal lapel pins .he so-called metal lapel pins includes a variety of lapel pins, medals, and coin and so on. Saying this custom lapel pins production is the Late Qing Dynasty from the West into China.
In July 1950, after the Association of reconstruction, lapel pins factory develop to 135, and in more than other cities. The early 50s, the industry has to undertake the liberation of the Northeast, the arrival of victory and the Korean War medal, People¡¯s Liberation Army, ¡°August 1¡å lapel pins, as well as advanced, model workers, and many other tasks medal. High tide of socialist transformation in 1956, the Shanghai center lapel pins industry plant located 17, 1959 Joint lapel pins factory in Shanghai exclusive lapel pins of professional plant production, plant in technical innovation, the development of the aluminum oxide filled paint process to succeed, Lapel pins substantial increase in output, costs. .
¡°Cultural Revolution¡± period, the Shanghai United lapel pins factory to produce mainly of Chairman Mao lapel pins. Be stopped production in 1970.
August 1972, re-renamed and resume production. 1977, lapel pins be need more with the national development of sports and tourism, various mass organizations and professional groups
But in the 80¡äs, a significant decline in domestic metal lapel pins Xuqiu order to adapt to market changes, Shanghai lapel pins factory has imported advanced tooling, stamping equipment and surface treatment for the lapel pins of high saturation, high transparent resin infusion of new technology PV to improve the product grade lapel pinss. One from the factory with new equipment, new technology made of metal medal, medals preferred, was designated as one of the National Medal of production.
Until today, making Shanghai lapel pins factory is still a major manufacturer of high quality lapel pins one, and led the development and progress of the entire industry












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