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King-Lapel-Pins-Kunshan lapel pins manufacturer for custom lapel pins since 1990.

King-Lapel-Pins is the best lapel pin manufacturer for custom lapel pins.As one of professional lapel pin manufacturers in China, we have more than ten years'experience in custom made lapel pins. Fast response within 24th or more less, factory direct price and high
quantity help our company to get custom pins orders from the gusest in UK, DE, EUROPE, Especially in USA. All staff in King-Lapel-Pins lapel pin manufacturer love their works and all lapel pins and other metal handcraft are custom made by their hands. In one word, cooperate with professional lapel pin manufacturer, not only save cost but have a professional customer service.

We specialize in Cloisonn¨¦, Soft Enamel, Etched, and Printed lapel pins. We have been manufacturing these types of pins since 1985. The majority of our work is balloon pins but we can do any kind of design you might need. Give us a call and we can give you a quote for your design.

Cloisonne and Epola pins:

This is a classic pin. There are no substitutes for this classic look and feel of hard enamel. Each pin is fired like pottery to create a high polished finish that has a brilliant luster and smoothness. This is an ancient Chinese art developed over 6,000 years ago. These pins are stamped out of brass and then the recessed areas are filled with enamel coloring. Once fired at very high temperatures, the filled in enamel areas are jewelry quality. Each pin is highly polished bringing out the detail and color of the pin.

Soft Enamel pins:

The soft enamel pins uses the same technique of stamping out the pin in brass and adding color to the recessed areas. This pin is not fired and the metal edges are slightly higher creating a dimensional look. These pins have the same refined look of the Cloisonn¨¦ pin but at a lower cost. Because these pins are not fired, sometimes we will cover the top with an epoxy covering to protect the color in the pin.



Offset Printed pins:

Printed pins offer the customers the ability to create a pin with no boundaries. We can produce a pin with an exact logo, color and detail. We can print on Cloisonn¨¦ pins and on Soft Enamel pins. This is like a silk screen process. They create a screen and actually print right on top of the finished pin. These pins run slightly higher just for the setup charges for the screens and additional colors on the pins.
For Fine lines, specific colors and great detail, the printed pins are the only option..


Photo Etched pins:

Our etched pins offer a way to have an enameled pin at an economical price. Using a thinner piece of brass, each design is acid-etched, enabling us to reproduce fine details. The colors are then filled in and fired. Once polished and an epoxy covering has been applied, you have a economical pin with great detail.


Trading pins:

We Specialize in Custom Trading Pins. The custom design and manufacture of trading pins is one of our primary focuses and one that we take great pride in as well. The rise in popularity of trading pins among baseball and softball teams is at an all time high. We strive to make the process of ordering custom made baseball and softball trading pins as easy as we possibly can.


Die Struck pins:


Die struck lapel pins offer sharp detail with great contrast and relief giving a 3D look. Your design is struck into a base metal creating a deep relief. The raised areas are then polished to a shine while the recessed parts of the pin can have a matte, sand blasted, or antique finish to contrast the relief.the best things is lead time only 4 days or less



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